Shaping Behavior
for Impact

Aurora harnesses the power of behavioral sciences to help you shape user response, drive product performance, increase conversion, improve customer experience and achieve your goals

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Aurora is Israel’s leading company specializing in behavioral design for digital platforms, messaging, and services. Our experts work with leading organizations across all sectors, applying behavioral, cognitive and data sciences to successfully enhance user experiences and improve business results.

Solving problems across your organization

Aurora brings behavioral sciences to bear on your teams’ most persistence challenges

Predict and influence decision-making to enhance your user experience

Align your content and design with user intent to convert more customers across the entire funnel

Support strategic initiatives to improve efficiency, reduce cost and create new revenue sources

Apply behavioral models and smart incentives to attract, engage and retain talent

Our Method

Aurora employs a proven and potent methodology honed over years of successful experience









Forming an in-depth understanding of gaps between existing and desired behaviors

Developing specific behavioral strategies and solutions to influence choices and decisions of users

Iterative piloting to pinpoint the most effective solutions and measure behavioral change

Deploying behavioral interventions at scale

Industries and domains

Aurora helps organizations from a wide variety of fields achieve their goals and improve results

Case studies and media

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital): Increasing email response rates by 71%

How we used optimal message framing and communication timing at Ichilov Hospital to increase screening test responsiveness
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Maccabi Healthcare Services: Encouraging the use of direct access to physiotherapy

How we helped Maccabi, Israel’s leading healthcare provider to re-design the "user journey" and get its members to make use of physiotherapy services, without seeing a doctor first. Expected to save over 100,000 doctor appointments and over 50 million shekels.
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Aurora's founder featured on Kan 11 the national television channel:

Our founder Tamar Kornitzer, served as scientific advisor and social experiments manager in Kan 11's documentary series on Behavioral biases and decision making
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